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Relationships Determine ResultsSM

In a period when customer retention, customer satisfaction, and increased share of the customer are as important as new account penetration, the most effective way to get better connected to your customer’s opportunities and issues is to create value in every inter-action. An organization’s and an individual’s ability to reach objectives are significantly affected by the quality of internal and external relationships. In collaboration with Archer Development, we are pleased to offer Building Relationships to Create Customer ValueSM.

We'll help you learn to unlock the potential of internal and external partnerships to create a high performance organization and extraordinary value for your clients.

The Benefit To You

  • Increase productivity through personal and organizational effectiveness
  • Improve your control of outcomes with indirect sales channels and partner alliances
  • Compete on a level beyond price
  • Shorten sales cycles while building loyalty for competitive advantage
  • Transform customer satisfaction into customer advocacy
  • Increase forecast accuracy through enhanced territory and competitive knowledge
  • Eliminate artificial barriers of personal comfort zones
  • Pursue high value opportunities with more effective, multi-dimensional approaches
  • Supercharge growth by creating a relationship marketing engine for sustainable results

What We Do
This new and innovative program complements and extends fundamental sales skills by providing a systematic approach to manage your marketplace of opportunity, including those who can influence outcomes or lead you to business, not just current or targeted accounts. Relationship Management creates a repeatable and measurable process for every employee who touches the customer, so you achieve your goals.

How We Do It
Our programs are highly customized because all of the exercises relate to the actual business relationships of the participants. Through the prework and seminar assignments you’ll derive tangible personal and corporate benefits - your own relationship inventory, a calibrated network and an ongoing development plan. We utilize a thorough assessment-through-follow-up methodology to shape a program for your organization. We will interview your management team in advance to understand your leadership, organizational and business development needs, and then tailor the content accordingly. And following the seminar, numerous reinforcement programs are available to further develop your team’s skills and review their progress.

Connect with customers for the only sustainable competitive advantage -- Relationships.