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Create Customer Value

By creating customer value you migrate from the product to the way in which it is acquired. To meet customer expectations, different approaches to selling may be needed for different customers.

Learn how to transform your salespeople from product communicators to high-performance value creators.

The Benefit To You
Inside-Out SellingSM increases sales effectiveness by providing a systematic consultative approach to creating customer value. Your salespeople will learn to compete on a level beyond price, not by giving the right answers, but by asking the right questions. By diagnosing problems and needs, they will be able to establish collaborative relationships, that will enhance margins and improve customer retention.

What We Do
We focus on teaching how to sell -- not what to sell. Prospects don't buy products -- they buy beneficial solutions that meet business goals.

Using an eight-step consultative process, we teach your salespeople how to get inside the prospect's mind to determine the benefits that will close the sale and help customers meet their business objectives. We improve performance by teaching them how to connect relationships to revenue to get desired, measurable, sustainable results by shifting emphasis away from closing business and putting it where it belongs -- the sales process.

We show you the most effective techniques of prospecting, value alignment, reflective listening, reframing, creating the value proposition, presentations, proposals, overcoming objections, negotiating, closing, referrals, account mapping, and relationship management. They will learn the three critical factors of value creation:

  1. How to navigate through the sales process;
  2. How to build relationships, not sell a product;
  3. How to use the close as the beginning of a profitable partnership.

How We Do It
Our programs are highly customized because all of the exercises are relevant to the actual business relationships of the participants. Inside-Out SellingSM concepts can be customized for new reps to seasoned professionals to sales managers.

Through the prework and seminar assignments you'll derive tangible personal and corporate benefits -- a repeatable, measurable process that delivers results.

We implement a seven-step methodology -- thorough assessment through follow-up -- to design a program for your organization.

We will interview your sales and management teams in advance to understand your business objectives and organization development needs, then tailor the content accordingly. And following the seminar, numerous reinforcement programs are available to further develop your team's skills and review their progress.

Create customer value and get results that go straight to your bottom line.