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Effective Presentations

Get the Results You Expect

The Benefit To You
You will be able to deliver powerful presentations that achieve the three objectives of sales effectiveness:

  1. Sell, don't tell.
  2. Meet the critical decision-making criteria of each decision-maker and influencer.
  3. Close -- compel people to take action.

You will learn how present in ways that will "sell" yourself and your company. You'll have a new, more confident presence and a forceful speaking style. You'll be able to field difficult questions calmly and answer them clearly and persuasively.

What We Do
We help you develop persuasive, powerful and passionate presentation skills that produce results. We show you how to achieve your goals by persuading others and answering their eternal question: "What's in it for me?"

We create a learning environment that minimizes your fear and encourages you to confidently take new risks. We show you how to apply the ten points of the art of persuasion, so you can avoid breakdowns in communication and get the results you're looking for.

We offer a range of training formats -- from individual coaching sessions to two-day group workshops. We tailor the format to meet your unique needs.

How We Do It
We focus on the three key concepts of communication, Prepare, Present, Persuade:

  1. Prepare -- Know your audience. Structure your message. Create results when opening and closing.
  2. Present -- Improve your vocal fundamentals, eye contact, body language, facial expressions and use of visual aids. Avoid the most probable pitfalls of ineffective communication.
  3. Persuade -- Apply special techniques. Manage the process of involvement. Handle tough situations and sidetracks. Answer questions tactfully but forcefully.

If you make the best of your presentation skills, you'll persuade your audience and get the results you're looking for. Effective presenters are effective leaders.

Take full advantage of every opportunity to make a great impression.