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Start connecting relationships to revenue and get the measurable, sustainable results your organization is looking to achieve. How? By shifting emphasis away from closing business to where it really belongs: refining the sales process.

Our Training process helps you solve business problems through our proven seven-step methodology for improving sales effectiveness. We align the 3 Ps - People, Process and Performance – required to achieve objectives. To do so, we study your business, learn your challenges, and then deliver solutions that work. Through our unique coaching, training, and support tools, your sales team will establish the road map that drives success.

To accomplish this goal, we utilize a systematic approach. We diagnose before we prescribe. We interview your sales and management teams in advance to understand your business objectives and development needs. Based on those needs we create a highly customized interactive training program that enthusiastically involves and motivates the sales team, while providing numerous opportunities for immediate on-the-job application.

We develop relevant industry-specific exercises and case studies that relate to real world business relationships and reinforce your sales process. Through the pre-work and seminar assignments you’ll derive tangible organizational benefits. We implement a seven-step methodology - thorough assessment through follow-up - to design a program for your organization. And following the seminar, numerous reinforcement programs are available to further develop your team’s skills, review their progress and measure their performance.

Closing a sale will make a living for sales reps, but excellent sales skills will make them and the company a fortune.