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Retention Is The Key to Revenue

Customer loyalty is key to retention and the opportunity to extend capabilities that create annuities. A 5% improvement in customer retention increases revenue by 17%. Retention explains profits better than marketshare, scale, cost position or any other variables usually associated with competitive advantage.

The Benefit To You

  • Consistently deliver customer satisfaction in a way that translates customer loyalty into a multi-million dollar lifetime value.
  • Ensure accountability for courteous response and timely resolution to all customer inquiries and issues.
  • Educate all employees so that they are proactively committed to the overriding goal of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Identify deficiencies within existing systems, constructively diagnosing and resolving those deficiencies in a timely manner.
  • Shift behavior from reactive to proactive, concentrating on critical customer issues like price/performance, time-to-market, and competitive solutions.
  • Create bench strength within your organization to respond to future opportunities.
  • Ensure that communication is precise and predictable, while leveraging the expertise of cross-functional resources.

What We Do
We design a systematic, customer-centric strategy to target the larger opportunity of creating a total communications environment for companies to convert relationships to revenue. We develop exercises and case studies that reflect the actual business relationships of the participants.

With humor and high energy we introduce relevant techniques, backed by plenty of examples and “how to” advice. The account teams are then presented with pragmatic tools and templates for immediate use.

By developing a proactive methodology to align employees with company goals, company representatives are now prepared to interact with customers in different ways for consistent value communication.

How We Do It
We totally immerse ourselves in your company culture. To ensure that the Customer Advocacy Initiative permeates throughout the organization we start by identifying a select group of individuals to work together cross-functionally to develop account blueprints.

We conduct a needs assessment to create buy-in and establish a baseline to help determine skills and attitude. Based on feedback, a highly customized workshop encourages behavioral change, builds on existing strengths, and promotes teamwork. This becomes the basis for a customer-centric relationship management process that is repeatable and measurable, and most importantly, delivers results.

Since measuring your organization’s improvement over time is the key to sustaining productivity, we develop a 'Road Map of Accountability' for successful implementation.

Ongoing support and reinforcement let you ask questions, check progress, refresh learning, and explore next step possibilities.