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Translate Goals Into Operating Reality

From relatively unstructured environments of rapid growth to well established vanguards, companies need a process that will enable the management team to develop a strategic plan. In turn, this plan will serve as a measurable blueprint of what needs to be done in order to meet business goals.

A key factor, perhaps the key factor in successful implementation, is the ownership and appropriate behaviors of all key managers and group leaders. The result will be proper leadership and accountability of all team members in the focused pursuit of business goals and objectives.

The Benefit To You

  • Cross-functional planning process improves organizational effectiveness.
  • Managers’ skills are developed and behaviors are directed toward achieving and exploiting results that promote growth and profitability.
  • Accountabilities are clear at the individual job level.
  • Group interactions are facilitated and continually honed for accountability.
  • Closed-loop system ensures commitments are met on time
  • Managers develop and exhibit “leadership by example.”
  • Managers can focus on strategic issues and not have to micro-manage.
  • Consistent performance strengthens customer relationships and retention.

What We Do
By bringing a positive results-oriented approach to the planning process, we help you integrate the 3 C’s (Customers, Competition, and Company) in order to translate goals into operating reality. Process, metrics, tracking, and feedback loops are all developed to support collaboration with accountability thrust downward.

Our framework enables you to kick-off your year with a set of common goals, objectives, strategies and plans. To accomplish this, we approach the challenge in three phases:

  1. Pre-planning;
  2. Planning;
  3. Post-planning.

How We Do It
In Phase One we begin by working with individual managers, as well as cross-functional teams to identify key issues that impact employees, customers, and shareholders. Next, we define roles and responsibilities. Then we analyze obstacles presented by systems, procedures, and culture in each cross-functional group. Finally, we help you clearly define your goals and objectives and work with you as you align each of them with the appropriate group.

In Phase Two we develop the scope, ground rules, agenda, templates, and prework for an off-site planning meeting. Setting and managing expectations of participants, we facilitate the process to develop the plan. Additionally, we provide assistance in creating ownership that encompasses standards and measures of success, while monitoring feedback of those accountable.

Finally, a post-planning road map of action items, accountabilities and due dates ensures everyone works together to meet company goals. By providing coaching, performance measurements and continuity, we ensure a successful implementation.