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Strategic Account Management

Add More Value Faster With Fewer Resources

The Benefit To You
A well designed and documented Strategic Account Management (SAM) program will create a cultural change that will enable your sales team to:

  • Evolve into a high performance, customer-focused organization
  • Increase share of customer through long-term relationships
  • Foster team alignment for improved productivity and profitability
  • Transition to value-based enterprise relationships for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Create a systematic approach to funnel management for improved forecasting and closing ratios
  • Integrate a common sales language to serve customers in new ways through consistent communication
  • Deploy relationship management processes to measure the quality of strategic relationships

What We Do
We align process with people by developing a blueprint for working together effectively. In addition to a customer focus survey, a benchmark survey assesses knowledge, perceptions, skills and competencies of key players, while identifying critical success factors for strategic account growth opportunities.

By evaluating the current state of your SAM program to identify strengths and areas for improvement, we enable you to control and direct salespeople's activities toward achieving and exploiting results that promote sales growth, profitability, and marketshare.

To create a closed-loop system, we incorporate the strategic goals of key customers into the account planning process. We provide you with tools to hone your strategy and fine tune your processes. We help you design a compensation plan that motivates your cross-functional teams, so you can achieve your goals.

With a new team selling model and ground rules for operation, there is a communication process for bringing together cross-functional team members to coordinate sales efforts. You can link multiple division sales efforts into single focused value proposition. To meet performance objectives we provide skills building and measurements.

How We Do It
We utilize a thorough assessment-through follow-up methodology to customize a Strategic Account Management program for your organization. Our process includes seven phases:

  1. Orient
  2. Assess
  3. Recommend
  4. Develop
  5. Deploy
  6. Train
  7. Coach

By implementing techniques to improve organizational effectiveness, sales productivity, and knowledge sharing, you will improve your company's competitive position. Numerous reinforcement programs are available to further develop your team's skills and review their progress.