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Ensure Predictable, Reliable and Measurable Sales Results

The Benefit To You
Your sales reps and managers will know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. They will transition from after-the-fact analyzing to before-the-fact planning for predictable, reliable and measurable sales results that totally support your company's strategic goals. With a repeatable, comprehensive sales process, you can consistently:

  • Control and direct activities toward achieving results that promote sales growth, profitability and marketshare.
  • Maximize actual selling time for increased productivity.
  • Develop consistency in forecasting and minimize “hockey sticks.”
  • Measure performance according to pre-defined standards.

Aligned with the process, they will control the sale from inquiry to repeat business. What's more, they will have the structure, training and direction to succeed in the most efficient and effective manner.

What We Do
We plan, implement, evaluate, then adjust. We help you increase sales revenues by increasing he productivity of your sales force. We show you how to identify, analyze and quantify every aspect of the sale. From the first contact, to proposal, through follow-up, we help you create a bullet-proof, closed-loop selling system. With this system, you can identify and remove those obstacles that can impede a sale. You get a tested, documented, step-by-step process for selling your products and services successfully.

We define and document the steps in the sales cycle to create a systematic, repeatable approach to pipeline management for improved forecasting and closing ratios. By developing a common language, you can go to market in different ways and migrate from transactional to enterprise relationships. We develop, organize and leverage the skills, tools and resources to support process application for the desired outcome.

How We Do It
Using a four-step process, we assess, recommend, develop, and coach. We begin with a thorough assessment of your current sales activities. We survey your sales force to identify, prioritize and remove hidden obstacles that impede their productivity. Next we work with you to identify, define and prioritize the steps in your sales cycle. We show you how to assign responsibility for sales activities, and how to integrate your forecasting methodology into your sales process to ensure a closed-loop system. Then, we develop tools for measuring the overall effectiveness of the sales process. Finally, we recommend to management how best to communicate the survey results and implement the new sales process for sustainable results. The process produces predictability and peace-of-mind.