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The Private Mentoring Program

It's Time To Make Your Job Easier

The Benefit To You
The Private Mentoring Program is tailored to the unique requirements of each individual.

The program provides six months of unlimited access to me by e-mail, phone, or fax. If mutually convenient, in-person meetings can also be arranged.

During this time I will provide you with insights and advice that I have gained from over 25 years as a senior sales and marketing executive.

The advice is strategic (i.e. how to set fees, how to manage relationships to create value, how to create top-of-mind awareness, how to recover when you derail, etc.). And it is tactical (i.e. how to leverage the 3C’s for market differentiation, how to overcome objections, how to critique proposals, how to promote customer advocacy, what to say in specific situations, etc.).

The fee is $3,500 complete. This distinguishes those who are serious about their business, and is easily recouped through increased business and/or higher fees. Given the intensive one-on-one requirements, availability is limited.

What We Do
Mentoring is a very powerful, personal learning experience. It bridges the gap between performance and results.

You have a trusted advisor who makes your job easier, assesses your performance, acts as a sounding board, and challenges your thought process.

It enhances your ability to thoroughly and thoughtfully examine issues with an open-minded approach and interact effectively with different personality styles.

Direct and honest feedback can help pinpoint blind spots, alter managerial styles, move through a transition, keep your career on track and create a work/life balance.

Mentoring increases self-awareness, enhances leadership skills, improves performance, helps gain colleagues’ respect and achieve business objectives. This translates the increase in professional skills into an increase in productivity.

How We Do It
Together we determine if the program is right for you. If it is, we begin by reviewing your business objectives, your core competencies and your personal goals.

We then establish our mentoring issues and goals, set the ground rules for a game plan, and develop a road map. In scheduled strategy sessions we will work on your specific areas of development. As needed, I will review your written communication and coach you on your oral communication.

Since the plan is dynamic, you’ll have the flexibility to modify it. The fee is required to begin the process or to guarantee a place on the waiting list. The fee may be paid in installments, but the process doesn’t begin until payment is complete. The fee is non-refundable, no exception. However, you may postpone or delay the program without penalty until you’re ready to begin again.

To participate contact us today for a personal assessment.