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Where Sales Meets Marketing

Results You Can Expect
Successful companies know in today's competitive world, sales plus marketing effectiveness is the key to profitable market share. With effective integrated sales and marketing, your salespeople will take their efforts to a much higher level. Focus your sales with upfront marketing analysis. Close more business. Reduce non-sales activities. Your sales productivity will soar with predictable, measurable results year after year.

What We Do
The Fenemore Group and Get Knowledge collaborate to maximize sales and marketing execution. Leveraging "cell" marketing, we drive revenue and profitability. Our "qualitative / quantitative know-how" saves time, and reduces costs aggravations and risks for repeatable results. Using our closed-loop system, you can make improvements in sales management. Through improved sales and marketing effectiveness, you get results that go straight to your bottom line.

How We Do It
Through our seven-step methodology we help you gain a new competitive advantage. We study your business, know your challenges, and deliver solutions that work.

  1. By using "tried and true" analysis with innovative twists, we review your approaches, processes, and needs.
  2. We tailor key recommendations to increase your revenue.
  3. We work with you to deliver a customized solution.
  4. With "buy-in" established, we assist implementation to maximize execution.
  5. A high value analysis is conducted to ascertain goals are reached.
  6. Based on what we learn, we fine-tune our efforts.
  7. We want you to succeed year after year and offer ongoing support.
By aligning people, process and performance you get a prioritized, executable road map for sustained success! What's more, our methodology is customized for your business and can be integrated with your process and systems.

Take your First Step to be prepared for today's opportunities and tomorrow's challenges.

26 Reasons to Take the First Step

  1. Align Sales with Marketing to boost revenue growth.
  2. Leapfrog your competition by improving sales and marketing effectiveness.
  3. Hone your unique value proposition for increased customer penetration and profitability.
  4. Articulate value justification to sell beyond price.
  5. Use Customer Segmentation, High Value Customer Analysis, and Value Added Market Metrics to increase sales.
  6. Evaluate customer information to mine new business from existing accounts.
  7. Increase customer retention to create multi-million dollar annuities.
  8. Profile your customer base to target your best prospects.
  9. Accelerate close rates by understanding your customer's buying process.
  10. Analyze your marketing campaigns so you know where to invest your dollars.
  11. Connect your company's solutions to your customer's business drivers.
  12. Avoid rearview mirror management by monitoring current sales activities that correlate to future revenue and profits.
  13. Shift from after-the-fact analyzing to before-the-fact planning.
  14. Improve organizational effectiveness to minimize "administrivia."
  15. Streamline communication so salespeople know what to do and how to do it.
  16. Transform sales managers into coaches to build bench strength.
  17. Retain and inspire top performers for increased revenue and decreased costs.
  18. Use Inside-Out Selling™ as a repeatable blueprint of coordinated events for consistent results.
  19. Improve qualifying techniques to convert relationships to revenue.
  20. Transition from product communicators (transactional relationships) to value creators (enterprise relationships).
  21. Align behavior with performance measurement to inculcate a sense of accountability.
  22. Structure your comp plan to avoid overpaying for underperformance.
  23. Develop strategic account plans to increase penetration and match strategy with corporate vision.
  24. Create top-of-mind awareness and touch your customers until they "buy or die."
  25. Monitor your pipeline to avoid missed sales opportunities.
  26. Don't leave revenue on the table!