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Tune Up The Engine That Drives Your Sales Force

The Benefit To You
With the right compensation plan, you will automatically reward the activities that support your organization's strategic goals, and prevent the waste of effort on non-productive distractions and detours. Your compensation plan is the single most important sales management decision that you can make. When a compensation plan doesn't work, nothing else matters.

For example, if your plan benefits the company more than your sales force, motivation and revenue will suffer. If the plan is too generous, you'll overpay for underperformance. If the plan is too complicated, reps won't fully understand its benefits. And if the plan pits the sales force against itself or against resellers and other channel business partners, it can cause disaster.

What We Do
We help you design a plan that's aligned with your company's strategic goals -- a plan that will create motivated, productive sales reps and channel partners. We help you in two important ways:

  • We show you how to make sure that your compensation plan will be relatively straightforward and easy to understand;
  • We implement a multi-stage process to ensure that your plan will be completely aligned with your company's strategic goals and corporate culture.

How We Do It
Our compensation plan development process consists of the following 10 key steps:

  1. Review of your company's corporate culture
  2. Review of your company's current sales plan
  3. Review of your company's current sales processes
  4. Analysis of your company's existing compensation philosophy
  5. Identification of the compensation plan's relevant program elements
  6. Review of competitive practices
  7. Design of a new plan and a model of its financial impact
  8. Presentation of the proposed plan to management
  9. Implementation of management's changes, and presentation of final plan
  10. Measurement of results -- and adjustments if needed

To ensure total satisfaction, we will meet with sales management for an informal training session to review the continuing role of sales management in reinforcing productivity, modeling competence, creating direction, measuring performance and rewarding change. Unlimited telephone consultation for one year is included as part of the development of the compensation plan, as is follow-up at 6 and 12-month intervals to ensure the plan's effectiveness.

Remember, the right comp plan will keep your sales team on the right road!