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Make Your Channel Partner's Business Your Business

When companies want to increase their marketshare without significantly raising the cost of sales, they turn to channel partners as a sales strategy. Establishing, enabling, and maintaining a distribution channel can be tricky, but the potential rewards are very significant. An effective distribution channel offers many benefits. However, an understanding of how to make it work and what to avoid is essential. It can be the key to expanding marketshare and finding new markets, or it can be a disaster.

The Benefit To You
When channel partners know that you have made their business your business, you have collaborative relationships, which improve productivity, increase revenue, add value, and cost effectively expand marketshare.

What We Do
One of the most powerful strategies for improving sales performance and reducing channel conflict is to rethink the relationships between telesales, field sales, and channel partners to maximize the strengths of each. The compensation plan needs to drive corporate goals, while integrating the objectives of field sales and channel partners.

In addition to aligning the organizational structure and modifying the compensation plan, if needed, we will develop a channel map for field sales to create a unified account management approach and a closed-loop system of communication.

It is important to remember that channel partners do not create demand, they fulfill it. Therefore, companies cannot ignore the basic tenet of channel management - support. Comprehensive programs will be created to capture mindshare, create loyalty, and measure the pulse of the end-user. This sends a message to your channel partners that you have thought about their needs, understand their selling environment and are committed to their success. We will work with management on how to measure performance and manage the pipeline for consistent, predictable results. And we’ll develop the tools to support field sales and enable channel partners to turn relationships into revenue.

How We Do It
We will interview your management team to understand your goals and objectives. Using a sales and marketing audit, we will review a wide range of criteria to develop a channel strategy relevant to your organization, so you achieve your goals. These criteria may include: accessibility, flexibility, responsiveness, pricing, documentation, product life cycle, communication, demos/evaluations, recruitment, qualification, certification, training, compensation, marketing and support programs, lead generation and tracking, competition. Numerous reinforcement programs are available to further develop your field sales team's, as well as channel partner's, skills and review their progress.

Create a win-win channel strategy to supercharge growth!