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Technology makes you efficient. Methodology makes you effective.

The Benefit To You
With a business development process your salespeople will be able to beat the numbers game. By cost-effectively maintaining continuous contact with your prospects and existing customers, they will spend more time actually closing sales -- and much less time on non-sales activities. Your sales productivity will soar and you'll get consistent, predictable results -- year after year to:

  • Create top-of-mind awareness, so you are there when the prospect is ready to buy.
  • Integrate precise and systematic communication flow, so that salespeople are able to sell into different markets within a closed-loop system.
  • Monitor and control your pipeline to increase customer retention and avoid missed sales opportunities.
  • Maintain continuous, high quality contact with prospects until they buy or die.
  • Profile your customer base and target the most profitable segments.

What We Do
The Fenemore Group has created a business development process to help companies create top-of-mind awareness in their prospects and customers.

We'll show you how to apply this process in your company -- no matter how large or small it may be. We'll help you create a continuous, "touch" process that will keep your pipeline full. Then we'll show you how to manage this process without imposing additional non-selling duties on your sales reps.

You know that the willingness of prospects to buy your product increases the more times you touch them. In fact, studies have shown that it takes an average of 6-7 touches before a prospect will buy. And the average sale can involve as many as 3-5 decision makers -- that means 20 to 30 touches per account.

Yet, 48% of all salespeople give up after the first contact -- and 90% by the fourth contact. But 80% of all sales are closed after the fifth contact.

You can't win, if you can't compete. You can't compete, if you don't have the opportunity.

Surprising as it may seem, fully 70% of an average sales rep's time is wasted on non-selling activities. It's no wonder that the number one reason for lost sales opportunities is that the salesperson is not there when the prospect is ready to buy. We help you ensure that your sales rep will be there when that window of opportunity is open.

How We Do It
We develop a closed-loop system to help you monitor and control your pipeline:

  • Assess your current sales process to identify bottlenecks.
  • Separate sales and non-sales activities.
  • Move non-sales activities to a lower cost resource to free up the salespeople.
  • Create a well-defined and documented process -- before you automate it.
  • Develop a systematic approach for consistently delivering your unique selling proposition.
  • Develop performance measurements to maximize ROI for sales and marketing.

High Tech + High Touch = Higher Sales